The Haunting Human - A series of portraitures

Mid last year I decided to take my art a bit more seriously and was curious to see what art dealers and gallery owners had to say about my work.

I got all kinds of input but the most valuable one suggested that my work had to be more consistent and representative of myself as a person.  My work, I was told must be identifiable even without the presence of my signature.

The advice made perfect sense to me....but how does one find oneself in their art?

I came back home skeptical that I would be able to discover my unique style, my unwavering interest and my true passion.

Painting and writing are necessary for my well being, they are the two activities that I need to indulge in almost everyday to keep myself going. So the necessity of art in my life is unquestionable!

I simply had to find what I enjoyed painting most of all.

I had read a while back, that for any habit to form one must repeat the given activity for 21 days straight, before the struggle to enforce it as a habit is over. So I decided to paint whatever it is that I wished to paint for 21 days straight and then based upon the production see if there was a particular style that I preferred.

I put myself to work, diligently!

After about day eleven, I noticed that I almost always leaned towards figurative work, be it a portrait or the whole figure. By day seventeen I noticed that I was leaning even more towards portraits and that there was a definitive approach to my work. I continued to see if this would engage my interest over time and it did.

Now months later, I’m happy to say that human portraiture is yet to disappoint me and my interest seems only to deepen with time.

So here is my gallery you can find my series of ‘Haunting humans’.