Banks of the tamasa

A Story of Sita

Banks of the Tamasa is a dramatic retelling, from a woman’s point of view, of a revered Indian epic that has been told and retold for thousands of years. In a daring departure from the Ramayana, first-time novelist Vandana Nittoor portrays a woman who achieves an extraordinary transformation into a person who determines her own boundaries while discovering a sense of purpose and inner peace.

Initially, this story of Sita, the wife of Rama, follows the original epic. Abandoned in the forest by her husband, King Rama, Sita is taken in by the sage Valmiki who offers her refuge in his hermitage, where she gives birth to twin sons. Though Sita will spend the remainder of her life there, the Ramayana says little to nothing about the quality of Sita’s life, the teachings of Valmiki, or her experiences in the hermitage. As recounted in the original epic, it seems as if Sita is resigned to her fate and will live out her last days without joy or fulfillment.

In Banks of the Tamasa, Vandana Nittoor gives voice to the experiences of that nearly forgotten young woman. The Sita portrayed in this novel is a woman with courage and confidence who overcomes formidable challenges to achieve inner fulfillment and self-realization. As brought to life in this novel, Sita is a woman who while remaining a loving mother and actively participating in the lives of her young twin sons – ultimately masters the art of living purposefully and joyously.

An inspirational story about the great possibilities of one woman’s life, Banks of the Tamasa has a timeless message that will resonate with all readers – about embracing, with kindness and gratitude, the life we have been given.

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