Architects of Meaning

It was fairly simple and extremely straightforward. The pieces were sorted, the instruction precise and the afternoon time perfect for such activity. Pretty soon we had constructed a playground with her very first set of Legos. Obviously, she was thrilled, my child who was at the time barely five years old but I was fascinated too. 

It soon evolved as a pressing hobby and over time we embarked on more complicated projects and we have constructed a fairly decent Lego city. Considering that neither of us have any architectural skills whatsoever, I am pleased with our effort.

Every such undertaking that has resulted in a successful outcome has brought along a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of worthiness and an attribution of time well spent. But like all accomplishments large and small the elation is fleeting and seldom lasting in effect. 

Curiously, I wish to draw a parallel to this chosen hobby and my life. 

Needless to say unlike the set patterns of Lego my own life has assumed twists and turns that I never anticipated. Lacking the standards of an instructional manual, color-coded pieces and rough sketches my life seems to have no set purpose. Therefore I wonder if we are indeed architects of our existence on any level at all?

My grandmother would most certainly disapprove of such wonderings. In her mind life’s purpose was nothing like sketches made out of soft charcoal that can be erased, smudged or introduced to new directions. Destiny was like the preconceived pieces of Lego that have to be laid out with precise execution to produce a set outcome.

But as a true moderate I wish to stick to my middle path. While I concur with my grandmother’s assumption, I wish to defy the powerlessness that comes with it. While I have experienced life’s stubbornness I have also witnessed her graceful amiability to my dreams and wishes. Even as she has sometimes dealt me a rough hand life has empowered me to make meaning of my sorrows. 

In the grand scheme, I would like to think of us as architects. The size of the board may be established, the pieces already distributed, the colors randomly allocated and a hidden instruction manual may be directing us constantly. Yet we can, if we are brave enough, make meaning of it all that is our very own. 

Apparently God helps those who help themselves and he goes out of his way to bless those who help themselves and others!